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We are the Uprising. A coalition of nutritionists, chefs, trainers, and foodies. We are your allies in your fitness journey, but more than anything, we’re a family and we would love for you to join us!

Food is a powerful thing. It gives us strength. It builds relationships. It shares cultures. It’s what brought the Uprising family together, and we all have a story that revolves around food, our bodies, and our minds. We’ll tell you ours and we want to hear yours. Allow us to introduce ourselves. 

Our Staff

Saba Memar

Co-Founder, Commander-in-Chef

Welcome friends! Hi, I’m Saba, Chef De Cuisine at Uprising Meals. I want to tell you a little about me so we can get to know each other. I grew up in a restaurant. My family and I immigrated to the US from Iran when I was one year old, and my dad owned and operated the first upscale Persian restaurant in the tri-state area. I was surrounded by amazing, multi-cultural food all my life, and I developed a passion for cooking at a young age. Naturally, I went into a career in food, managing and owning restaurants for years, and even working under the Food Network celebrity chef, the late Floyd Cardoz. But the stressful lifestyle and access to rich cuisine led me to have an unhealthy relationship with food. My Habits were destructive and before I knew it, I was 320 pounds. The actual weight of a baby elephant! And I was just as cute!My family was concerned about my health and I was suffering from herniations in my spine from the weight. My life was quite literally at risk and I knew I had to make a change. I found an amazing coach (Thanks Dan!), who got me started with training and taught me the basics of dieting. Since I already knew how to cook, I had all the tools I needed. I realized that dieting can still incorporate all of the cooking techniques and flavor of traditional restaurant food, and you don’t have to starve! Five years later, I had lost over 165 pounds and became a fitness coach myself. I saved my own life and I felt it was my responsibility to use what I had learned to save the lives of others. 

Uprising Meals is very special to me. It’s my way of giving people the same opportunity I had to change their lives, get healthy, and enjoy every bite. Fat girl created. Nutritionist approved.

Alex Mosner

Co-Founder, Slave to the Carbs

Hey guys. Thanks for joining The Uprising. I’m Alex, CEO of Uprising Meals. I want to share a little about myself and what brought me here. I grew up a skinny kid in a metal band, but it was the iron that changed my life. I traded out mosh-pits, cigarettes, and 40s for dumbbells, lean meals, and pre-workout. I saw the way I could channel my aggression into something constructive and it led me to work for years as a personal trainer, and then after getting my master’s degree in marketing, work for some of the top supplement brands in the fitness industry. I then helped build a nutrition app that has helped world renowned coaches get better results for their clients.

Thanks to my partner Jason, who I’ve known for years, I had my nutrition nailed. But I seriously cannot cook. I mean, I can throw some meat in a pan and I still ruin rice every time. It got me by, but I was getting tired of eating and I’m a major foodie! So when I met my partner Saba, who is an incredible chef, It clicked. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy diet-friendly foods that still satisfy their inner foodie. So, Uprising Meals was born. We’re glad you’re with us. Join the uprising!

Jason Dooney, MSc Applied Sports Nutrition

Hey everybody! Welcome to Uprising. My name is Jason. I am the resident Nutrition Wizard here. As we all know, no good overhaul of the system is complete without a quick talking, barrel chested, and monochromatic magical wingman. I use my gifts (and pale hue) to grant nutrition wishes. 

In 2011, I underwent reconstructive shoulder surgery. While recovering, I began leveraging my undergraduate degree in Biology to earnestly pursue the field of nutrition. There was a surprising amount of overlap (including a lot of guest appearances by mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cell!). Suddenly, I could understand the basic spells of physique alchemy. I tested it on myself, winning the nationals in natural men’s physique. I went on to achieve my Masters in Applied Sports Nutrition in 2017.  I’ve since partnered with Alex, my good friend, partner, and fellow revolutionary. Together we’ve built apps and businesses designed to improve the lives of tens of thousands through nutrition.

Through Alex I was introduced to Saba, our commander-in-chief. Saba was able to craft flavors and meals with macronutrient profiles I believed were impossible. Saba’s abilities existed beyond my understanding.  Suddenly, my magic felt inferior. I knew she was the chosen one to help us rise up against bland and ineffective diets. We are honored to share some of this magic with you.

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